Let me start by stating that I had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur, storyteller or even a visual arts school consultant.

I was busy experimenting in arts, riding the wave of emerged artists, exhibiting, lecturing, performing.

Then everything changed!

In 2012 I gave an inspirational speech to 3rd graders about my personal journey & how I overcame certain challenges practicing persisting in my pursuit (believe me it was the most challenging speech I ever gave!)

Soon after, I realized that my mission in life goes beyond a canvas, it’s a human-life experience.

I always considered school and still a prison but decided to join voluntarily the prison to save few souls, I became a visual arts educator and started injecting freedom, love and happiness and kicked with the mission to reform the visual arts department across schools, my observations took me further where I started my research in art education about THE EFFECTS OF CARTOON MEDIA ON LITTLE SPECTATORS, TEACHER BURNOUT, MINIMAL LIVING and the INDOOR GENERATION.

Started my business from the ground up , transforming children's drawings and artwork into ethical & conscious designs allowing them to grow confidence in their art, expanding their reach outside the art studio walls and into the world, I pitched the idea in a Pechakucha speech; I thought pitching the idea would be Ground zero in the process that it would motivate me. Eventually nothing motivated me but the children themselves!

With the economic slump, globalization, outsourcing and the expansion of the digital world took the concept from relevant to essential.

Soft Cactus is born; ethical & conscious by joining the movement of sustainable, responsible, timeless, minimal, designs teaching the new generation that collectively we have the potential to create a much better planet, a full-on system of consistent change honoring the source of our little creators.
Soft Cactus is inspired not only by kids but by nature, culture, history and all about bringing people together, raising awareness and connecting the collectives around the world.
I love to listen to your stories and tell you mine, one of my dreams is to help people in a big way especially little ones.

Let’s do this!!